The top 3 blockchain use cases for food supply chain

Learn how early adopters stepped into a Blockchain supported digital transformation. In this webinar, Matthew and Jonas talk about 3 leading Blockchain use cases that bring value to your food supply chain. 

  • Use case 1: How to leverage blockchain with legacy systems, in particular with standard messaging protocols such as EDI.
  • Use case 2: How Vinçotte implemented transparency-as-a-service together with Carrefour, to prove consumers that the Quality Lines comply to all quality standards.
  • Use case 3: How to reinforce revenue management, by preventing wholesalers and distributors from circumventing regional pricing strategies.
Matthew Van Niekerk 2

Matthew Van Niekerk

Founder & CEO SettleMint

Matthew founded SettleMint with one objective: to simplify the blockchain journey for enterprises. He will share the top use cases on how leading retailers envison the value of Blockchain for their supply chain.

Jonas Van Hove

Jonas Van hove

Innovation Manager

Jonas is driving a Traceability Platform using blockchain technology to create unprecedented visibility and accountability in supply chains, e.g. for Carrefour Quality Product Lines.